At Home Euthanasia

at home euthanasia dog

For many animals, at the end of their life it can be too much for them to get into a car, let alone being going into a building filled with noise, confusion, and other animals. Some people prefer to say goodbye to their pets in their familiar surroundings. 

Euthanasia performed in your home allows you to control every aspect of your pets final moments. Your pet can be in the environment that they are most comfortable and loved. Our pet euthanasia at home service ensures a calm and peaceful passing.


Every pet will receive sedation/anesthesia prior to euthanasia. Since every pet is different, we have several different types of sedation and anesthesia so that we can choose the right protocol for your individual pet and situation. Pain medications are a part of our protocol as well, so your pet will be comfortable. Most of the time, sedation will help your pet to take a nap, though sometimes it just makes them very sleepy but awake. Either way, they are pain free and very comfortable in your arms.

Prior to the Procedure

After introductions, our veterinarian and technician will be happy to address any of your questions or concerns. Any of your particular wishes for the appointment can be brought up at this or anytime throughout the appointment. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can answer any of your questions as they arise. It is important that you are comfortable with what is happing with your pet, so please ask us questions.

After the Injection

Your pet will drift to sleep within seconds of starting the IV injection. He or she will pass within seconds after the injection is given. The veterinarian will listen to your pet after the euthanasia has been given and will let you know when your pet has passed, however, you will likely already know.

What Your Pet Will Experience

Euthanasia means inducing the death of an animal in a humane and painless manner. The euthanasia drug that is used is a very common anesthetic agent, one that is used regularly in veterinary and human hospitals. If you have ever had surgery, you should remember the anesthesiologist asking you to count backwards from 10, then you drift off to sleep. This is exactly how your pet will feel.

Private Pet Cremation Includes

  • Your pet will be placed in the cremation chamber alone and cremated alone.

  • We will carry your beloved pet with us and arrange for our cremation services. They will be handled with care, as if they were our own.

  • Your pet is cremated privately at a licensed crematorium and the remains (ashes) will be returned to Sugar Hill. We will call you once your pets ashes have been received at clinic

  • Return of your pet’s ashes, carefully placed in a container suitable for transport.

Services Offered

  • Consultation

  • Sedation

  • Humane Euthanasia

  • Memorial keepsake - clay paw print (made at your home) & hair clippings (by request)

  • Private cremation