Heartworm Prevention

Spring has sprung and with that comes the mosquitoes - the culprit in spreading heartworm disease. You can't do anything about your dog getting bit,but you can prevent them from getting heartworm disease!

How it happens:

  • A mosquito carrying the larvae of Heartworms will buzz around and then bite your dog.

  • This larvae will go into your dog's bloodstream, matures, and then starts growing as an adult worm in your dog's heart.

The more it grows (as large as 6 to 14 inches long), it will begin to cause obstructions in the heart which can lead to heart failure and eventual death if not treated properly.

How to know if your pet is already infected?

  • Some common signs include a dry, chronic cough, shortness of breath, weakness, and exercise intolerance.

  • A simple blood test can detect if there are adult Heartworms growing and reproducing in the heart.

There is always a risk to treatment at this point because when all of the Heartworms begin to die, they can cause an embolism in the pulmonary artery or cause anaphylaxis shock. These are life threatening conditions which require hospitalization during treatment.


• Through monthly preventative medication, it will kill any Heartworm larvae in your pet before it can reach their heart and start developing as an adult worm.

At Sugar Hill Animal Hospital we believe in Trifexis. When you consider the harmful effects of Heartworm Disease, prevention is the easy answer to keep your pet safe!

At your next visit ask about our $50 off rebate during the month of April when you purchase 1 year of Trifexis!