Your Dental Questions Answered

How often should you brush your dog’s teeth yourself vs. coming in for a professional tooth cleaning? Are there long-term health implications if you don’t get your pet’s teeth cleaned regularly? Are there signs of dental problems you can look for in your dog's mouth? These are all great questions and we are here to help you find the right course of treatment while at home and when you come into the clinic.

First, your dog is susceptible to all the things that people are when it comes to dental care. This makes it extremely important to have regular cleanings of your dog’s teeth. Periodontal disease is a leading problem for dogs. This causes gums to bleed and plaque to build up. If left untreated it can lead to painful gingivitis (gum inflammation) and tooth loss.

A quick way you can check is by looking in your dog’s mouth. Does he have brown stains on his teeth? That’s a sign of tartar build up. Doggie breath less than desirable? Doggie breath can be an indication of a mouth filled with bacteria due to infected gums, and that’s a recipe for pain, tooth loss, and other health problems. These are symptoms that it may be time for a professional dental cleaning.

At Sugar Hill Animal Hospital we can help you create a personalized dental plan for your dog. It will combine both home dental care and professional level cleaning so your dog can have the best care.

During the month of February, we are offering a 15% off your pets dental procedure, so take a look at the signs we mentioned and if your pup has not had a regular checkup (just like you and me) in the last year, it’s time to make an appointment!

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