Keeping your pet’s teeth clean is very important to their health and happiness! Sugar Hill Animal Hospital Veternarians are here to help you determine ways that you can help keep your pets’ teeth healthy. We offer full dentistry services, including routine cleaning and polishing, OraVet administration, and dental extractions. We also have digital dental x-ray!

Should your pet be diagnosed and you are treating them for diabetes, it is very important to keep documentation of eating times, amount of insulin given, and how your pet responds through the day. This information is especially important if we have recently diagnosed your pet, or if we are trying to regulate your pet’s insulin levels. The following documentation log can be downloaded and printed at home for you to log your pet’s diabetes. Remember to bring this sheet in with you and your pet when you visit your veterinarian. He/She will use that information to properly adjust your pet’s insulin levels. Should you have any questions, feel free to write them down and ask your veterinarian at your pet’s appointment.