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Cat boarding webform


Feeding Instruction
Medical Needs

(A fee of $4.50=/day for administering medications, vitamins and supplements will be applied)


A soft chew supplement, to support relaxation in situations that cause nervousness, anxiety or stress in your pet.

Has Had

I understand, authorize, and agree to the above services and charges while my pet is in Sugar Hill Animal Hospital’s (SHAH) care. If I choose to board my pets together or have them partake in doggie daycare, I understand that SHAH is not responsible for any injuries that may occur. In the event that my pet needs medical treatment and I am unable to be reached, I authorize SHAH to perform all necessary veterinary care. SHAH is not responsible for lost items that are left with your pet during the stay.  Lastly, I authorize SHAH to do all required vaccinations that my pet needs in order to stay in SHAH’s care.

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