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Dog Obedience Classes

We offer Beginner Dog Obedience classes for pups 3 months and older by trainer Carlos Mendez. Group classes meet every Sunday afternoon from 4PM - 5PM for six weeks right here at Sugar Hill Animal Hospital!

Six Week Class Covers

  • Heel

  • Sit

  • Stay

  • Down

  • Come

  • Stand

  • Corrections

  • Proper Praise

  • Dog Psychology

About the trainer

K-9 Express has been training dogs for more than 20 years and has been featured as a dog training specialist on CNN, PBS, and Fox Network. The company was first established in Brooklyn, New York, in 1995, and has developed into a mature, multi-dimensional, dog training organization. We offer dog training that encompasses various levels of obedience and commands through positive and negative reinforcement. Find out more:


  • Class Fee is $125 due prior to the start of the first session (checks only)

  • Next Class Date: Feb. 1, 2020

  • Call the clinic at 770.271.7777 to reserve your spot or fill out the registration form

Dog Obedience Classes Form

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