Golden retriever and British short hair cat

Need Help Finding Pet Insurance?

At Sugar Hill Animal Hospital we love and recommend Pumpkin Pet Insurance.

Pumpkin’s Approach Stands Out from the Pack

Pumpkin challenges the accepted norms of the pet insurance industry and seeks to constantly improve pet parent’s access to a high standard of veterinary care. These principles are at the core of every product we design:

Pet insurance designed by pet health experts.

In 2020, we observed some surprising trends in the pet health industry:

The average cost of veterinary services was increasing at three times the rate of standard U.S. inflation

61% of Americans lacked savings to cover a $1k pet emergency

Only 2% of U.S. pets were insured

We wanted to help more pet parents afford the care their pets needed, so we set out on a ​​mission to increase the number of insured pets in the U.S. An expert team led by Alexandre Douzet (previous co-founder and CEO of Ollie) and global animal health company Zoetis came together to create Pumpkin, which has now become one of the fastest-growing pet insurance and wellness brands in the U.S.