Pet Memorials

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Sophie & Murray

Sophie (2007-2021, left) and Murray (2009-2020, right) the best, most ridiculous, and most loving duo. They kept me sane during the teen years.


Delilah was a rescue that came through SHAH kitten program. She was immediately scooped up by one of our technicians. Little did we know that little Delilah had a host of underlying health concerns. When she failed to thrive, she was diagnosed with everything from intestinal parasites, bloodborne parasite, detached retina, chronic UTIs, and feline leukemia. Even with a poor prognosis her mom did everything she could medically to make Delilah more comfortable and give her a happy life. Even if it would be cut short. In January 2020 we said goodbye at 2 years old because her leukemia had progressed into lymphoma. She was loved by her human little sister and slept on her mom’s chest every night. She is greatly missed.


We lost our Missjiff in June of 2020, just before her 10th birthday to Lymphoma. She always came with mom to work and loved daycare. Keeping her fiery older sister in line was her job. She loved to  swim, hike, go for runs, and her most favorite thing in the whole world Fetch. Missjiff was the perfect combination of lab and german shepard, all of the energy and focus but none of the issues! In January of 2018 her human sister was born. They loved eat other, Missjiff was so affectionate to Emma and it only got stronger once Emma started eating real food! To this day Emma still asks us if Missjiff will come home. It’s very hard, but we know this just means their love for each other was strong.