For those times when you must travel without your pet, we offer full service, air-conditioned, indoor boarding. Dogs are walked three times daily in our large, fenced-in yards. We offer medication administration, and socialization with Doggie Daycare.

Our practice provides comfortable bedding for each pet, and are fed quality Purina EN (gastrointestinal) food or you can bring food from home so there is no change in your pets’ diet while away from home.

Our themed VIP suites are a luxury away from home with raised beds, TV’s and are well lit with windows to the outside.

A doctor is always available should any problems arise while you are away. Also, any needed medical attention such as surgeries, dental procedures, yearly exams and wellness preventatives or other procedures, can be completed so your pet can be fully recovered and vaccinated when you return from your trip. Additionally, your pet can be bathed and brushed and smelling great for your return. 

*All pets must be current on Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella, Bivalent Influenza, Fecal*

*All pets must be on flea/tick preventive medicine.*

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Boarding Pricing

VIP Suite Boarding

  • VIP Suite (5×6.5) – $67.50 a night – $46.50 for additional pet
  • VIP Luxury Suite (5×9) – $70.50 a night – $46.50 for additional pet
  • VIP Palace Suite (6.5×12.5) – $73.50 a night – $46.50 for additional pet
  • Add on Doggie Daycare for $27.50 a day

Standard K-9 Boarding

  • Dogs weighing up to 25 lbs – $43.50 a night
  • Dogs weighing between 26-60 lbs – $46.50 a night
  • Dogs weighing 60+ lbs – $49.50 a night
  • Add on Doggie Daycare for $27.75 a day


Cat Boarding:  Our Cat Condo Boarding Service Includes:

  • Veterinarian supervised
  • Private, quiet condos
  • Large Playroom
  • Science Diet Food Provided

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Cat Condos

  • $41.25 a night
  • Free Roam Time- $12.75 a day

Cat Boarding Intake Form (PDF)