Soft Tissue Surgery

Sugar Hill Animal Hospital provides safe and state of the art surgical treatment to dogs and cats not limited to routine spays and neuters but to a variety of soft tissue surgeries. Soft tissue surgeries are those that are not associated with bone such as biopsies, excisions of abnormal growths, removal of foreign materials causing obstruction in the digestive tract, and removal of bladder and urethral obstructions.  

Probably the most common soft tissue surgery performed on pets is the removal of masses, or lumps. Most of these masses, once removed and tested, are found to be benign (non-cancerous); however, occasionally they are more serious. Early removal and accurate diagnosis of a lump is necessary to improve the outcome in your pet if the mass is cancerous.  

Sugar Hill Animal Hospital is pleased to offer laser surgery for pets. Laser surgery uses a “light scalpel” in place of a traditional blade that cauterizes the skin as it cuts. This promotes faster healing, reduces bleeding, as well as pain and swelling at the site of the incision. Less bleeding, less pain, quicker recovery time and greater precision makes laser surgery the best choice for your pets procedure.